Laptop Expert Repair Service

Is your laptop not working? Don't know what the problem is? Perhaps you have a specific issue that needs our professional attention?

Warranty program!

We provide a 30 day warranty on any purchase under $500 and 60 on any purchase over $500

You can buy an additional warranty for ONLY .75 cents a day!

If you would like to purchase an additional year warranty it is only $150! ($273.75 value!!)

Free Diagnosis

Our technicians at Laptop Expert can solve any hardware problem! We've seen it all and will be happy to help you!

We excel in motherboard diagnosis – with our specialized equipment, we can identify almost any problem and have it solved in no time. But we also do so much more! From simple component upgrades, virus detection and removal, to complete system overhauls, we cover it all – for both Mac and PCs!

We've noticed that many clients come to us with similar problems. Typical laptop problems are listed below, with their estimated repair-costs.

**diagnosis only free when you choose to get the problem fixed, other wise a $49.99 technician charge applies**

Single Keys Missing on Keyboard

An incomplete keyboard is certainly non functional and needs to be repaired. If you have damaged keys or are missing a few of them then we can help. Call us and we will prepare the parts for you and fix it quickly (on the spot repair available). Replacement keys start at $15 for the first key and $8/each for additional ones.

Physically Broken LCD Screen

Accidents happen, and laptop screens can crack or snap. We have a wide variety of replacement screens that we can install quickly. Replacement laptop LCD screen start at $175.00. Installation fees from $45.00 to $85.00.

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Keyboard Doesn't Work

If liquid gets into the laptop keyboard, it usually needs to be replaced. Replacement keyboard $30.00 to $50.00. Installation fees from $45.00 to $85.00.

Overheating and Shutting Down

Electrical components do not fare well with high heat exposure. If your computer gets too dusty or mucked up, it will automatically shutdown to prevent further damage. We will carefully clean all the intricate components and apply Arctic Silver thermal compound to reduce future overheating occurrences. Cleaning only: $85.00 to $125.00. Replacement of cooling fan $145.00 to $175.00 (includes installation and cleaning).

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Dim LCD Screen

A dim LCD screen is the result of a larger problem between the video card and the screen. The solution is usually to replace the inverter component or the backlight. Repair Cost $135.00 to $195.00 (includes parts and labour).

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Loose or Broken Power Connector

This is a very common laptop problem. It can be solved easily by our team, but done with care to avoid reoccurrences of the problem. In some cases the connector must be replaced. Repair cost $145.00 to $175.00 (including parts and labour).

Motherboard Doesn't Work

Motherboards can stop working for a variety of reasons. It is important to diagnose the problem correctly. With our specialized testing equipment, we can analyze a motherboard to determine the exact cause of the problem and repair it instead of taking the much more expensive option of replacing the entire motherboard. For a $50.00 inspection fee, we can determine if your motherboard can be repaired rather than replaced – it could save you hundreds of dollars! Repair cost $265.00 to $295.00 (including parts and labour).

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Strange Behaviour from Motherboard or Video Card

If your laptop is just not working right, there could a quick and simple solution. Let us take a look and give you a detailed diagnosis. Costs depend on problem diagnosed.

Mac repair

We specialize in repair of all kinds of Macbooks (Macbook Pro, Macbook White, Macbook Air) and iMacs.

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iPOD repair

We specialize in iPOD repairs. We diagnose the cause of the problem and we either fix or replace the damaged part.

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iPhone repair

LaptopExpert also specializes in iPhone repairs. We are able to either fix or replace the damaged part.

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All prices are estimates. Exact price depends on make/model of laptop and complexity of the problem.